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Jonathan Elmore

Mayor of Avondale Estates

November 3, 2019

Dear Citizens,

I am running for re-election as your Mayor so that, together, we can continue to create Responsible Growth for a Sustainable Future in Avondale Estates. Let me explain what that means, why it is important and why I couldn’t be more excited for our future.


For many years, and for as long as I’ve lived here, little to nothing had happened in our downtown, commercial business district (CBD). I’ve seen numerous businesses turn over and blighted properties linger.  I ran four plus years ago because I wanted to change that. What I didn’t realize at the time though, was just how critical driving increased value in the CBD is for our long-term success of the entire city, residential and commercial areas. The fact is, ten years ago, the county gave stormwater infrastructure to the city along with the responsibility to maintain it. This means that we can no longer operate with zero strategy or the pay as you go mentality that was in place for years. We need a plan to responsibly grow to pay for and sustain our future.


Under my leadership, the Board of Mayor and Commissions (BOMC) has assembled a great team, working with our Downtown Development Authority (DDA), committees and qualified city staff to make smart decisions regarding our downtown in line with fulfilling the Downtown Master Plan, including the decisions to approve The Willis, the Alexan (i.e., Trammel Crow), Hobbes and most notably, the upcoming Town Green. The Town Green will serve as a much-needed economic catalyst for future development around it, including the “concrete skatepark” owned by Avila.   


With an upcoming review and rewrite of zoning, we will create a fair and predictable business environment to support future development. We will explore new housing options for seniors and a senior tax credit so that seniors can age in place.  Increased value in our downtown can help offset such credits and allow residents to stay here for their entire lives.


One of my proudest achievements as Mayor is leading the charge to change the signage on Willis Park and Lake Avondale to make it more inviting, less threatening and make it acceptable for folks to be there even if they weren’t a resident. 

I’m also proud of the fact that we engaged experts to help us understand our financial situation as a city, to learn that we can easily borrow much needed money to invest in our city, to borrow with a flexible financial vehicle called a Bond Anticipation Note (BAN), and afford it and pay for it with existing tax revenue (i.e., doesn’t even factor in the increased revenue from the Willis and Alexan developments). The fact is, smart cities borrow to invest in infrastructure.  And, the years of neglect in our downtown reflect that we weren’t being smart in years past.


During my tenure and throughout this campaign, I have focused on the positive results produced by our city’s capable team under my leadership. I have focused on communicating the points of my strategic vision to produce Responsible Growth for a Sustainable Future in Avondale Estates.  I ask for your vote on Tuesday, November 5th and feel I am greatly differentiated from my opponent in many ways. I have never lied to you, nor hidden anything from you. I don’t have excuses or a sense of entitlement but instead a strategy and a plan for our future. I have proven results as your mayor. I am focused on our future, not instilling unfounded fear in residents regarding safety or an increase in taxes.  I support ethics in government and I act ethically. I am not incented to quit and I embrace change.  I value every citizen’s voice, whether we agree or disagree, and whether you’ve lived here for one day or fifty plus years. 

I am excited about the momentum we have and want to move Avondale Estates forward in a way that keeps us relevant within a fast paced and changing world that is metro Atlanta.  I’m proud of the progress the BOMC and broader team has accomplished to support Smart Downtown Development, to build a Foundation for our Future and to create a great Quality of Life for Everyone.  Let’s continue what we’ve started and build a welcoming city that we can all be proud of for decades to come.


I respectfully ask for your vote on Tuesday, November 5.




Mayor Jonathan Elmore

For more information on what I stand for please check out:

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